Simplify User Stories Creation with GeniePM's Powerful Features

GeniePM streamlines the process of creating user stories, making it easier and more efficient. With our intuitive interface and advanced AI technology, you can quickly generate precise user stories for your projects.

Effortless Subtask

Generate subtasks effortlessly with GeniePM's innovative feature, saving you time and effort.

Collaborative Teamwork

Elevate collaborative teamwork as you craft your project narratives with GeniePM.

Revolutionize Use Case Creation with GeniePM's Unique Approach

With GeniePM, you can effortlessly create precise and detailed use cases for your projects. Our innovative platform, driven by mAIgic, goes beyond the ordinary by seamlessly integrating with other platforms like Azure DevOps and ClickUp, expanding your project's potential.

Effortless Subtask

Craft project narratives with collaborative teamwork and take advantage of our innovative subtask generation.

Seamless Integration

Integrate GeniePM with JIRA, Azure DevOps and ClickUp to expand your project's potential.

Foster Teamwork with GeniePM's Collaboration Feature

GeniePM's Collaboration feature enables seamless teamwork by allowing users to collaborate on project narratives and effortlessly generate subtasks. With our platform's integration capabilities, you can easily connect with other platforms like JIRA, Azure DevOps and ClickUp, expanding your project's potential.

Effortlessly Manage Projects with GeniePM

Create Project

Easily create a new project with GeniePM and start collaborating with your team.

Edit Ticket

Effortlessly edit ticket details and keep your project documentation up to date.

Rephrase Details

Quickly rephrase project details to ensure clarity and alignment with your team.

Generate Sub-issues

Effortlessly generate sub-issues to break down complex tasks and improve project organization.

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